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Tammer BioLab – Culture media products for microbiology laboratories and contract manufacturing for industry

Finnish Tammer BioLab specialises in producing microbiological culture media and tube products containing solutions. Our extensive range offers both solid culture media such as agar plates, tubes and bottles, as well as solutions for dilution, storage, enrichment, analytics and sampling of microorganisms. In addition to the quick and flexible delivery of our own products, contract manufacturing is an important part of our business.

Over 35 years of experience

Since 1987, we have specialised in the manufacturing of culture media, solution tubes and contact plates. Our customers include clinical laboratories, the food industry and other industries, veterinarians and veterinary clinics. As well as research and educational laboratories. Our products for clinical laboratories that require a CE marking are CE-IVD marked.

Through good cooperation and continuous improvement, we aim for flawless and prompt deliveries, efficient operations and long-term customer relationships. We also serve as an experienced and high-quality contract manufacturing partner for industrial companies.

Versatile product portfolio

We aim to cover all our customers' culture media needs with a wide selection of products. Additionally, we produce solution-containing tubes for laboratory use and engage in various contract manufacturing projects related to gels or liquids as a collaborative partner with our customers.

We cater to our customers by manufacturing culture media and tube products according to their preferences and recipes. Explore our comprehensive product range on our product page. For detailed information about our products, log in to our customer portal. The portal streamlines the ordering process and offers easily accessible product documents!

A reliable and adaptable partner

High quality and flexible service are fundamental principles of our operation. Our production is managed by a certified quality system and our batch-specific quality control ensures high-quality products. Through continuous product development, we address new challenges posed by the advancement of microbiological research methods and the growing quality and quality assurance requirements.

Our microbiological culture media are made in Finland, and we do our utmost to ensure that our customers receive culture media that are always fresh and promptly delivered. For more information, visit our Quality and Responsibility page.