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Tammer BioLab – Your adaptable and customer-centric partner

We manufacture our own culture media products and tailor products to meet the specific needs of our customers. Additionally, we serve as a contract manufacturer for various products. We help our customers ensure smooth business operations and swiftly bring new services and products to the market.

Our new Enterprise Resource Planning system includes order management, user management, product information, product instructions, safety data sheets and batch-specific analysis certificates. Feedback, complaints and other messages quickly reach their destination through the system and are easily trackable.

Microbiology culture media products – quickly and flexibly

With over 35 years of experience, we specialise in the manufacturing of microbiological culture media and solution-containing tubes. Our product range includes both solid culture media and solutions for diverse microbiological needs. We supply agar plates, tubes and bottles as well as solutions for microbial dilution, storage, enrichment, analytics and sampling to customers such as:

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Customised products

Many laboratories either use or require culture media and solution tube products that are not readily available from commercial manufacturers. In-house production can present challenges in the form of labour shortages, difficulties with quality monitoring or cost concerns. As an alternative to in-house production, we offer manufacturing of products tailored to the customer. These products are produced following Tammer BioLab's quality system and based on recipes agreed upon with the customer. In these cases, Tammer BioLab acts as the manufacturer and takes on the manufacturer’s responsibility. Our service for customised products is the best choice, for example,

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At the core of contract manufacturing: high quality and excellent documentation

In addition to our own and customised culture media products, we also manufacture our customers' products strictly as a contract manufacturer. In contract manufacturing, our customers can rely on the high quality of our cleanrooms and manufacturing processes. Our excellent documentation process and enterprise resource planning system provide our customers with up-to-date information on the inventory status and lead times of contract manufacturing. Our high-quality and swift service means that our customers can avoid production bottlenecks. As a relatively small player, we can even conduct trial productions of small batches of new products. Our goal is to ensure that our customers can quickly and reliably introduce new products and services.

We are a flexible and high-quality contract manufacturing partner when you want to outsource the production of your products temporarily or for a long period. For instance, we can manufacture small to medium production batches for product development, pilot use, or market testing. Our service enables:

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